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Whether you are looking to explore therapeutic benefits or just tap into relaxation, Licensed Massage Therapist, Stretch Therapist, and Yoga Instructor Victoria Lynn of Move Freely Bodyworks truly treats each client with the utmost care, tuning into their needs, however they show up that day. 

There are no set "routines" when you receive bodywork or take yoga and mindfulness classes with Move Freely Bodyworks.

Each body is unique, each circumstance is unique, and therefore each session is unique. 
Clients leave saying, 
"You always address exactly what I need, even if I didn't know that is what I needed." 

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Massage therapy uses touch to release the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, whilst connecting with the nervous system to bring about relaxation. Some of the benefits of massage and bodywork include pain relief, injury healing, improved circulation, stress relief, increased relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

The therapist will always customize the session in terms of pressure and types of techniques applied based on the individual clients needs.


Below are modalities therapist is trained and skilled in.

One or all modalities can be applied during sessions, each clients needs will be addressed and treated uniquely. Please dont hesitate to reach out directly to your LMT Victoria Lynn with questions regarding any of the techniques below.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Swedish Relaxation 

Integrative Massage Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Thai Massage

Energetic Techniques

All massage clients must contact me directly to schedule at


Massage will be provided in Blue Springs, MO at SPYA Wellness located at: 801 NW St. Mary's Dr., Blue Springs MO 64014

Mobile Massage is offered, meeting clients in their homes. Must contact  214-518-0320 directly for pricing and availability. 


$45 - 30 minutes

$75 - 60 minutes

$90- 75 minutes

$115- 90 minutes


Connect mind, body, and spirit through breath and movement. Explore the philosophies of Yoga to be applied both on and off the matt. Great option if you are ready to develop a solid foundation for a yoga practice and want more hands-on instruction. Also a wonderful opportunity for those who may have more specific injuries or modifications needed to better support their bodies needs.

 We will tailor the practice specifically with your goals in mind.

All private yoga sessions are offered at SPYA Wellness in Blue Springs, MO: 801 NW St. Marys Dr. Blue Springs MO 64014.

Zoom options available at request.


$75 for 60 minutes

$260 for 4 - 60 minute sessions

Interested in taking a group Yoga class?

Visit SPYA WELLNESS to see group class offerings and descriptions. 

Woman Stretching
Physical therapy on leg


Assisted stretching will be applied to help promote flexibility, inhibit healthy tissue response, decrease injuries, and promote relaxation and general well- being. Therapist will use Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques, Massage techniques, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga postures and concepts, and basic stretching components. The focus can be used in a more active approach for sports performance, or as a tool for relaxation with energetic principles applied to help you release the ‘energy kinks’ that may be creating an imbalance.

All private Stretch Therapy sessions are offered at SPYA Wellness in Blue Springs, MO: 801 NW St. Marys Dr. Blue Springs MO 64014.


$75 for 60 minutes

$260 for 4 - 60 minute sessions

Please text or call  214-518-0320 to schedule any of the above services as online booking is not available at this time.  

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