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If there was a level above Amazing, more stars than the highest 5 on the scale, I would choose that to describe Victoria, her knowledge and skills. She was very respectful, kind and positive. I was drawn to trying an appointment with her from what I saw in her website which included reference to trauma. She is an amazing massage therapist and energy worker. I don't know if there is a maximum number of words allowed in this comment section but I don't think I could ever find enough, or the right words, to describe the positive impact she had. It has been days since that first visit but I still feel so much better on a number of levels. I highly recommend Victoria. I don't tend to take time to type reviews but if you found your way to this comment, I hope that you won't put off investing in your health and get an appointment scheduled soon before distractions come!

Jay R. 

I've had such wonderful sessions with Victoria. Whether it be stretch therapy or yoga, I'm always left with a feeling of calm wellbeing. I highly recommend Move Freely for anyone in need of some inner peace or physical freedom.

Loryn R.

I have had several one on one yoga sessions with Victoria and I will say I have enjoyed our sessions immensely!! I have dabbled with yoga on and off for years, decades!! I always viewed it as good but painful, as well as aggravating because I struggled with understanding everything. Victoria helped me to get in touch with my body and to understand the correct form. I always dreaded downward dog because it was painful, hurt my wrists tremendously. She helped me to correctly place my body in the pose and now it is wonderful!! I experienced severe trauma to my body six years ago when I was hit by a car while on foot. I broke both my legs and arms, along with other various injuries.  I have  since recovered, almost fully, but my range of motion is very poor and I have a lot of pain in my shoulders. After starting yoga with Victoria, I have seen improvement in my shoulders, flexibility and less pain in my shoulders. I also life weights and struggle at times, yoga has helped me tremendously in weight lifting. She also has done body work with me that has helped to relieve that pain in my shoulders.

I met Victoria through friends and was drawn to her immediately. There is something so peaceful and intriguing about her. You can tell that she loves yoga and has a tremendous passion for it and helping people. She has helped me in more ways than just yoga. She has helped me spiritually as well. She is joy to practice yoga with and can break every move down so that it is more understandable and she is extremely patient!!!  I liked yoga to an extent before but after working with her I LOVE IT!!!

Jessica H.

Victoria was absolutely wonderful! She made sure during the session that I was relaxed and gave me all the details of what to expect so nothing was a surprise. I had some special requests such as covering my eyes with a warm towel and not laying on my back since I’m pregnant. Victoria was completely understanding and didn’t skip a beat in making sure I was comfortable throughout the session! The environment she creates is so inviting, warm, and comforting it’s so easy to feel right at home!! Loved my stretch session.

Sarah C.

I have never experienced anything like this before. Afterwards, I was able to move my hips significantly more/better, running was not painful, and my overall demeanor was way more relaxed. I will be seeing Victoria monthly.. highly recommend...

Juanita B.


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