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My personal journey to 'Move Freely' began ten years ago. I was completely disconnected from my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as a result of trauma. Yoga, massage, and other forms of bodywork were more than self-care; to describe them as self-care would not do them justice. These practices were my pathway to greater freedom.

I started my yoga journey in 2011 as a client at a therapeutic office. A group of five of us would pile into a warm, dim lit room once a week and simply move our bodies in conjunction with our breath. The teacher held space for us in a way that allowed tears to be shed and hearts to heal. We learned how to once again BE in our bodies. There was no conceptualizing, just moving freely. And that's what birthed my own personal practice that continued to expand for years, and now has brought me to this place of sharing with others.  

That disconnect is something I see in a lot of people today. We all have our own trauma's, stressors, and life crisis' that disconnect us from our 'self'. Through movement and breath we can unlock our personal power. We are empowered when we move. We lighten the load of our burdens through mindfulness. We heal through our awareness of the breathe in the present moment. 

My healing journey inspired me to become a Yoga Teacher through Soul Motivation Yoga School directed by Joseph Stingley ERYT 500 in 2017. Shortly thereafter as I began teaching private lessons and working with individuals with chronic pain/health issues I discovered I wanted to gain more training on how to work with the body- hands on. This curiosity and hunger to bring greater healing to the mind, body, and soul led me to become a Stretch Therapist through Performance Stretch System by Sarah Mariano in 2020 and Massage Therapist through WellSpring School of Allied Health in 2021-2022.

I believe that movement in any form has the power to break mental, emotional, physical and spiritual barriers. When teaching Yoga I invite my clients to truly express themselves and move in a way that is uninhibited. When working with clients as a bodyworker through Massage and Stretch Therapy we release the blockages that prevent them from moving more freely.

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