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Empowering individuals to find more freedom in their lives by creating their own unique wellness practice through mindful movement, massage, and bodywork.

Hello, my name is Victoria and I am the owner and creator of Move Freely LLC.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor through Soul Motivation by Joseph Stingley since 2017,

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2019,

Certified Stretch Therapist through The Performance Stretch System by Sarah Mariano since 2020, 

and Licensed Massage Therapist as of May 2022.

I believe that movement in any form, has the power to break mental, emotional, physical and spiritual barriers. When teaching Yoga I invite my clients to truly express themselves and move in a way that is uninhibited. When working with clients as a body worker through Massage Therapy and Stretch Therapy we release the blockages that prevent them from moving more freely.

I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity will best guide you in your wellness practice.

Image by Ale Romo


For a complete list of offerings and pricings please click here. 

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